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Quarter Circle D's Choice

Choice is a very handsome Liver Tri.. He is the son of Max & Georgia..

Son of Max and Peggy 
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Gus is very dear to me; it is because of him that I purchase Max and Peggy. I bought Gus and because of his wonderful nature, temperament and personality I felt I just had to get his parents. (I finally did) I am very proud of him. He, like his dad has the desire to hunt, he is very intelligent, a speedy learner, so eager and willing to please. 
to view Gus's 5 Generation Pedigree

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 I am very excited to have Bonnie, She's a wonderful gal very afectionate and eager to please you. She is a very nice looking dog out off 
great hunting stock. Bonnies Grandsire is  Winchester of Hanging Jaze (NFC) (DC) (NGDC) (AFC) She is a proven hunter herself and has done her far share in the field. Bonnies Pedigree is coming soon.

Quarter Circle D's Honey Bun "Honey"

Honey is the Daughter of The above Female "Bonnie"

Quarter Circle D's Katie Did "Molly"

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Molly is just a dream; she is a daughter of Katie. She is a good looking gal and very excited to be here! This one here is so birdy she can hardly stand it, not one leaf can flicker without her taking notice. She is very easy to handle though and listens so well. She wants to please so badly and she is just smart as a whip. This gal here I am very happy to have and offer her in my breeding program.
Click Here to see Molly's 5 generation Pedigree. 

(Click Here For more Photos of Georgia)
Georgia is a true beauty; she has so much personality about her. Every one seems to fall in love with her first. Georgia is very smart she figures things out quick. She is just a doll to be with and I truly enjoy all the time I spend with her. She really wants to hunt and should also; her 5 generation pedigree goes back to 13 field champion. I am very proud to have her!
to view Georgia's 5 generation Pedigree


Missed and Never Forgotten


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Max is a very well behaved boy and quite a looker as well. He throws lots of color in his puppies. He has a very strong desire to hunt and should; he has 14 champion dogs in field and show on his 5 generation pedigree. Max works extremely hard to please and loves every one; he has a very good temperament with all ages. I am very proud to call him my dog
CLICK HERE to view Max's 5 generation Pedigree